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Pastor Kathy Pick of the Month:

The Spirit Within and the Spirit Upon

by Kenneth E. Hagin

What is the purpose of the baptism in the Holy Spirit? Do believers who are not Spirit-filled have the Holy Spirit? What does it mean to “walk in the Spirit?” In his book The Spirit Within & the Spirit Upon: The Holy Spirit’s Twofold Work for the Believer, Kenneth E. Hagin answers these questions and others. He clearly shows that the work of the Holy Spirit does not end when a person is baptized into Christ, or born again. Another experience awaits the believer to bring him into a deeper dimension spiritually. That experience is the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Rev. Hagin shows from the Bible that the New Birth and the baptism in the Holy Spirit are two separate and distinct works of the Spirit of God. Rev. Hagin also explains the purpose for this twofold work. The Spirit works within the believer after the New Birth to develop character, and the Spirit works upon the believer after the baptism in the Holy Spirit to empower the Christian for service. Chapter titles include: • The Dual Working of the Holy Spirit • A Deeper Dimension • The Importance of Walking in Love • The Dwelling Places of the Spirit • Suffering Unto Perfection