Job Opportunities


chooselife church is currently hiring! if you are interested in any of the jobs listed below, or would like more information about available positions; please call the church office at 575.397.4604 or email

Full- Time Positions


Our Receptionist is the face of the foyer, Monday- Friday from 8:30am-5:30pm. As a Receptionist, you welcome everyone that walks in with a greeting and answers every phone call with the intent of meeting the callers need by answering questions or directing the call to the correct department. Along with welcoming, you will be responsible for service reports, spreadsheets, preparing letters to be mailed, and more!

Ministry Operations and Communications Administrator

Ministry Operations and Communications Administrator will prepare in various ways for Sunday and Wednesday services, Empowered Classes, Maximized Manhood, or any other service as needed while communicating with everyone involved so everything flows smoothly and is organized. 

KIDZ City Daycare

Daycare employees are committed to the care and growth of children. Being Patient and willing to train and learn is a requirement. experience is a plus but not required.


We love our customers and the people of hobbs! Barista’s make each person that comes to the cafe feel special by greeting them with a smile and making their drinks with love! Whether it’s during the restaurant rush, or the morning coffee run, our barista’s prepare quality drinks with quality service.

Part- Time Positions

Body Builder-Administrator

Body Builder Administrator will be responsible for organization, follow-up, and preparing all events that pertain to Body Builders (our volunteer staff) of chooselife CHURCH. 

DEEP Bible Training Center-Administrator

DEEP Administrator will be responsible for making sure DEEP runs smoothly and communicating with DEEP students weekly.