General Class Information


Childcare is provided from 6:45p - 8:15p for ages newborn to 5th grade. 

What do you bring to an Empowered class? 

Your Bible, pen, notebook/journal, and a heart ready to receive what the Spirit of God would have to say to you personally.  

Who can attend Empowered classes? 

Adults ages 18 and up.

Advanced Registration

Advanced registration is required for all classes with a fee. Registration for these classes is closed.

The Filling Station Bookstore and The Cafe

The Filling Station Bookstore will be open 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after Empowered Classes. The Cafe will be open 30 minutes before Empowered Classes begin.


Bible Basics//New to the Bible? Confused about how it works, how it is divided, and how it is written? Need the easy version without all the deep stuff that makes you bored? This is the perfect one-session class for you! Prepare to be inspired, encouraged and learn just what you need to know to be an expert without all the extra work! It’s bible basic “cliff notes”. Instructor//Faith Shropshire 

Exodus (Weigh Down workshop)//You don’t have to lose weight alone if you want to lose weight!!! This twelve-week class is packed with truths from God’s Word as well as practical information. Exodus leads you out of the wilderness of physical frustration, disappointing diet plans, and hopelessness into the promised land that has you in control and free from obesity. Class includes a one time purchase fee of $31.00 for corresponding workbook. Instructor//Vonnie Stratton

Family Matters//Sometimes the best way to move forward is to start at the beginning, and in this case we are looking at the blueprint for family from God’s perspective. Regardless of the type or size of family, if you are married with kids, maybe want them in the future, or just want to be prepared to encourage friends or co-workers, this one-session class is just the foundation you need for all things family because family does MATTER! Instructor//Charity Kalstrup

How to Have a Quiet Time//Want to be more disciplined and have more fun (because it is fun) in your time with God each day? Or maybe you are just getting started in your relationship with God and His Word. In this one-session class you will be inspired and encouraged in developing your personal quiet time and receive lots of tips and resources to help you in your journey in following Him. Instructor//Laura McKenna and Diego Rosa

Hupomene//“But the one who endures (HUPOMENE) ‘til the end, will be saved” Matthew 24:13. In each Hupomene session, discover how to be led by the Spirit in your every day life as well as overcome any and every obstacle that comes your way by faith with the Word of God  (continuous session). Instructor//Pastor Kathy

One Step//You choose life or death one decision at a time. If you have a history of addiction in any form, this class creates a weekly opportunity for discipleship, bible study and accountability which will enable you to choose life daily, one step at a time. No 12-step program here, just life, one decision at a time (continuous session)Instructors//Tony Aguilar and Armando Ramos

Second Chances//Starting over may not be fun, but with God all things are possible. If you feel overwhelmed in living a life of faith and need some help and tips being “all in” and to take your relationship with God more seriously, this one-session class is perfect for you! Instructor//Pastor Dean 

Shallow//If you aren’t quite ready for DEEP Bible Training Center then Shallow is for you. Affectionately prepared for those believers who need an introduction to bible study, this small-group format incorporates bible training with social interaction to make the perfect “shallow” but also “deep” spiritual growth opportunity for any believer regardless of how long they have been saved. This twelve-week class does require a $20 registration fee for materials. Instructor//Pastor Greg

Soul Control//If emotions aren’t controlled they get out of control. Each soul control session reveals the Bible way to control a different emotion. Regardless of how long things have been emotionally out of control, you can control your soul with the Word of God (continuous session)Instructor//Pastor Kathy

Successful Parenting//Having kids is totally different than RAISING kids. In this class Pastor Kathy uncovers different truths found in God’s Word for each season of parenting and challenges in parenting with the goal to eliminate the FRUSTRATION. You nor your kids have to be destroyed for a lack of knowledge and your entire family can experience “happily ever after” if you do things HIS way (continuous session)Instructor//Pastor Kathy

Surviving Divorce//Having a “first life” or first love that was lost doesn’t mean your life is over or that you have to stay lost. In this two-session class you will not only learn how to deal with the seen and unseen scars of a broken marriage, but rebuild your life in God’s way and His time. Pastors Dean and Kathy know what it’s like to experience a divorce alone and without the Word of God and they don’t want anyone to ever HAVE to. Instructor//Pastor Dean

The “Green Sheet”//Are you done with running out of money before you run out of month? Are you ready to get a system that will help you regardless of your present income or outgo that can help you move forward with more structure, discipline, and increase? Then this one-session class is for you. Developed by PK and revealed by a benefactor of the system, this class will leave you feeling in control and financially on track. Instructor//Trish Garcia

Who Switched Off My Brain?//Have you ever felt unfocused, discouraged, or overwhelmed? Are there unhealthy patterns in your life or in your family’s lives that you just can’t seem to break? A thought may seem harmless, but if it becomes toxic, it can be physically, emotionally, and spiritually dangerous. This six-week class will help you locate toxic thoughts and learn how to eliminate them for good! Class includes a one time purchase fee of $25.00 for corresponding workbook. Moderator//Trisha Bishop