Welcome future deep students! We are so excited about our upcoming year of DEEP beginning on September 18! If you haven’t already, registration is taking place now through September 10 at Guest Services. 

Who? DEEP is for anyone that wants to dig DEEPER into the Word of God. We have DEEP for adults 18 years and older; DEEP young adults for 6th-12th grade students; DEEP KIDZ for Kindergarten- 5th grade students; DEEP Pre-k for 3- 5 year olds; and nursery classes for birth- 2 years old. This is the year to LAUNCH into a DEEPER level then ever before! 

What? Pastors Dean and Kathy founded DEEP over 10 years ago to disciple others! There are 12 different classes that are designed to give you more revelation then you can receive at a regular church service! 

When? DEEP is a 9-month Bible school (September-May). Classes are held every Monday night from 7pm-9pm. 

Where?  DEEP takes place in the main sanctuary. DEEP young adults and DEEP KIDZ are held in their classrooms. 

Why? Because the Bible says in Luke 6:46-49 that storms will come but those that build their life on the rock will not be defeated. Storms will happen, but when you take the time to dig DEEP you will be able to stand strong and live a life of faith and victory regardless of the storm you are facing! 

Registration Options:

Initial Enrollment//students who have not graduated and will complete homework and tests (enrollment cost: $350.00)

 Certified Auditor//graduates who would like to attend again and complete homework and tests (enrollment cost: $100.00)

 General Auditor//graduates who would like to attend again and not complete homework and tests (enrollment cost: $100.00)

Bible Study Auditor//students who have NOT graduated and don’t want to commit to homework and tests due to their work schedule or other limitations (enrollment cost: $200.00)

This year won’t be the same without you so sign up today and get ready to LAUNCH your life into a DEEPER level this year!