6-12th grade

chooselife YOUTH  is designed to prepare teenagers to make Godly choices in the most critical years of their lives, so when they graduate they can confidently embark on the next phase of their lives with God as their first priority. We're not here to entertain although we do have a blast. We're here to tell the truth and train the next generation of the church.

April in chooselife YOUTH

This month our series is God-Life. We are learning all month long about the life of God! The Bible says that Jesus only said and did what the Father told Him, as believers that is how we should live too! Our goal is by the end of the month for each young person to not just know about the God-Life, but live it!

Lunch Devotion

Mark 16:15 tells us to go into our world and tell everyone about Jesus! We don't believe that scripture is just for adults! Each week we give out a Lunch Devotion (it is also available on our chooselife app) and encourage teenagers to spend a couple minutes at lunch each Thursday sharing Jesus with their friends. It's an easy way to be bold about their faith and encouraged with God's Word in a dark and confused environment. We believe being the light should be easy and effective. To pick up this week's Lunch Devotion, stop by the Resource Center located in the back of the YOUTH room! 

Bible Reading

We believing the Word is the most important and reading the Word is a vital way for believers to build a relationship with Jesus. Our weekly YOUTH Bible Reading makes spending time in God's Word each day easy. Featuring a worship song suggestion, scripture for the day, confession, chapter to read, and thought to share, this Bible reading is a great resource for growing in faith!  To pick up this week's Bible reading,  stop by the Resource Center located in the back of the YOUTH room!

Weekly Prayer

Our 6-12th graders meet up every Thursday from 4-4:30 for weekly prayer in the YOUTH room. In a world that is so "me" focused, this is the perfect opportunity for students to stop and step out from everything they have going on and focus on what's going on around them. We spend time praying for our government, our community, our church, and one person each student knows they need to pray for. If Jesus prayed, we should too! Students leave each week feeling encouraged and empowered to be the light in their world of influence!