Our 6th-12th grade is meeting up for its main service on Wednesday nights at 7pm and on Sundays, Varsity (9th-12th) has the opportunity to sit in with Pastor Dean during our 3 services while JV (6th-8th) can sit in with Pastor Dean during 1st or 3rd service and to the youth room during 2nd service for JV Service!

Grab a weekly Bible Reading paper that ties in with this month's youth message from our Youth Staff or from the Resource Center located in the YOUTH Sanctuary and turn it in every Wednesday night during our YOUTH service. 

chooselife youth is designed to prepare teenagers to make Godly choices in the most critical years of their lives, so when they graduate they can confidently embark on the next phase of their lives with God as their first priority. We're not here to entertain although we do have a blast. We're here to tell the truth and train the next generation of the church.