6th-12th grade

chooselife YOUTH  is designed to prepare teenagers to make Godly choices in the most critical years of their lives, so when they graduate they can confidently embark on the next phase of their lives with God as their first priority. We're not here to entertain although we do have a blast. We're here to tell the truth and train the next generation of the church.

February in chooselife YOUTH

This month our series is What is Love. Naturally because of Valentine's Day, this is the month of "love"; but God's love is way different from what many people associate love with: a feeling. God is Love; Love is a person not a feeling! By the end of the month, our goal is for every student to really know What Love is.

Bible Reading

We believe the Word is the most important and reading the Word is a vital way for believers to build a relationship with Jesus. Our weekly YOUTH Bible Reading makes spending time in God's Word each day easy. Featuring a worship song suggestion, scripture for the day, confession, chapter to read, and thought to share, this Bible reading is a great resource for growing in faith!  To pick up this week's Bible reading,  stop by the Resource Center located in the back of the YOUTH room!

Weekly Prayer


Our 6-12th graders meet up every Wednesday for student led prayer from 6-6:30 in the YOUTH room. This prayer is an opportunity for students to pray for service, the people coming in, and the message. It is the perfect opportunity for students to know the value of each church service and how prayer plays a part in every aspect of our lives.


Our 6-12th grade students are invited every Thursday for leader led prayer from 4-4:30 in the YOUTH room. In a world that is so "me" focused, this is the perfect opportunity for students to stop and step out from everything they have going on and focus on what's going on around them. We spend time praying for our government, our community, our church, and one person each student knows they need to pray for. If Jesus prayed, we should too! Students leave each week feeling encouraged and empowered to be the light in their world of influence! 

Varsity Nights

Every Wednesday after service we meet up for 1 hour and have dinner with our varsity students (9-12th graders). This is a great opportunity to meet new people and connect with people who believe the way you do! You won't want to miss this weekly event (please bring money for food)!

Upcoming Varsity Nights:

February 6- Rosa's

February 13- Subway on Lovington Highway

February 20- Taco Bell by Lowes

February 27- Wendy's

DEEP Young Adults

DEEP YA is our 9-month Bible School! DEEP YA happens every Monday night from 7-9pm; and is jam-packed with the Word and fun! Trust us, you want to attend DEEP YA! If your parents are registered for DEEP, you get to attend with them! If your parents aren't DEEP Students, no worries; register for DEEP YA at Guest Services for just $20. Winter registration going on now.

Duct Tape Bibles

If you need a Bible, we have the perfect one for you! Stop by The Filling Station Bookstore and purchase a duct tape Bible for only $5. 

As For Me Shirts

As For Me shirts are available for purchase in The Filling Station Bookstore! Remind yourself that it doesn't matter what others are doing, but AS FOR ME I will look to the Lord and keep my eyes and my focus on Him! (Micah 7:7)

Varsity Summer Internship

Varsity Summer Internship is for all 6th-12th grade students and takes place during the month of July! This is a great opportunity for students to grow in the Word and their relationship with God through daily devotions, book reports, and amazing messages just for them,  develop leadership skills through training the Junior Summer Interns, and to have and know that life with Him is the best! It is the perfect way to dig deeper in the Word and establish how you will live your life. It doesn't matter what parents, family, or friends choose- as for you; you, you will choose the life God has for you.  If you are a 6th-12th grade student, you will not want to miss Summer Internship! Make plans now to make your Summer 2019 the best one yet by being a Varsity Summer Intern.