Our KIDZ church is the most amazing children's program you will ever find! How do we know? Because our KIDZ team is full of passionate people (who have passed a national background check) whose mission is to train and demonstrate to kids how to choose and live the abundant life that Jesus paid for them to have. It's KIDZ ministry on steroids! Bibles required.

April in KIDZ City

This month our series is Real Talk! The kids are learning all month long about prayer and how they can have real talk with God! The scripture we are focusing on is Mark 11:24//Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe you receive them, and you will have them! By the end of the month our goal is for KIDZ to know what prayer is and spend time everyday having real talk with God! 

Recess Devotion

Mark 16:15 tells us to go into our world and tell everyone about Jesus! We don't believe that scripture is just for adults! Each week we give out a Recess Devotion and encourage kids to spend a couple minutes at recess each Thursday sharing Jesus with their friends and the testimonies we hear back are AMAZING! chooselife KIDZ are changing their world! To pick up your Recess Devotion, stop by the Planning Station located in KIDZ City!

Bible Reading

We believe in the Bible and the importance of reading the Word each and every day so each month we have a Daily Devotion designed just for KIDZ!  Our KIDZ Daily Devotion is easy to read and understand and the perfect way to train kids that the Word is the most important and reading it every day isn't just necessary, but also fun! To pick up  this month's devotion, stop by the Planning Station located in KIDZ City!