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Varsity Nights

There will be no Varsity Nights this week!

Dry Gulch & Youth America

Registration is going on now! Your kids will not want to miss this fun, life changing week at summer camp! We will be going to Dry Gulch June 18-24. All the spots are full; but sign up today at the Information Center to be on our waiting list!

We are heading to Youth America July 24-28. We are now in the Regular Rate and we only have 30 spots left!!! Make sure you sign up today to lock in your spot and first payment price of only $50!


On May 3rd, right after service we will be having a meeting for all NEW! volunteers in the sanctuary! Whether you have already signed up, or are wanting to be apart of this great team, please attend this meeting! 


Graduation Service will be on Sunday, May 21 at our 10:45 service. Sign up at the Information Center if you will be graduating High School or College! We will have a reception for you and your immediate family right after service!

Praise and Worship Team

If you play the guitar or keyboard and would like to serve on the praise and worship team, please call the church office at 575.397.4604 to set up a time for your audition. 

Message of the Month

This months Message of the Month is from Jumpstart on February 26th. Challenge yourself to listen to this message everyday until the new Message of the Month comes out! We also have a Message of the Month for our YOUTH and KIDZ. The YOUTH Message of the Month is from Unknown, Part 2,  and the KIDZ is from Be, Part 8: Be Strong in Persecution! Encourage your child and young person to listen everyday also!

If you don't have a smartphone click here to listen/watch the adult message of the month on our web player!

chooselife App

You can download the chooselife CHURCH app on any smartphone using the Apple App Store, Google Playstore, and the Amazon app store for FREE! Just type in "chooselife church" and click on the C! There is voice for everyone on the chooselife app! Not only are there messages from Pastor Dean but also from YOUTH and from KIDZ Church as well as people specific groups such as Single Life, MEN, and Women of Wisdom!

Partnering for Success (PFS) Packet

Pick up your February Partnering for Success (PFS) Packets at the Information Center! Make sure to turn in your January PFS Packets this week! There is a quarterly drawing with prizes valued at $500 given away; turning in your PFS makes you eligible for these drawings! Click here to view the PFS online!


We have a new resource available for all of the single-but-taken (in a dating relationship, not married) partners of chooselife CHURCH. Groundwork is a relationship building program centered on the Word of God for singles who are looking to do dating and ultimately marriage the right way! This program is in depth, giving knowledge as well as weekly accountability with one of the pastors from chooselife for only $25 (cost of the Groundwork manual). If you are interested in joining and purchasing the Groundwork manual, call the church office today at 575-397-4604 and ask to speak with Heather to get started!


If you have symptoms in your body and would like prayer stay after 3rd service at 12:45 on Sunday for prayer with Pastor Kathy.

Prayer Requests

If you have a need in your life we would like to believe God with you. Grab a prayer request from the Information Center, fill it out, and turn it in so that we can partner with your faith and pray along with you.