What to expect

When you come to chooselife church we do our best to provide the highest quality of ministry possible for every age from newborn babies to the oldest, most mature senior citizens. Before and after our services the calypso cafe and filling station bookstore are open for your enjoyment and spiritual enhancement. Whether you need a fresh cup of coffee to get the morning going or a brand-new Bible or Christian CD, we are ready to serve you right when you walk into our doors.

If you have children

If you have children, right when you enter our facility you will notice several sign-in desks for each of our nursery, and children and ministries. We sign in your babies and toddlers to ensure their highest care while they are in service and in order to contact you if they need your attention before service is over. We sign in your preschoolers and kids to reward them throughout the year for bringing their bibles, their bible homework and bringing guests. If you have any questions or feel lost and don't know where to go, no worries, just stop by our Information Center (the first counter on your right) for specific directions. 

Adult ministry

Our services begin with praise and worship. It's loud, it's passionate and definitely not for entertainment. Our desire is to prepare our hearts to receive the Word of God as we exalt our Father God and loving Savior Jesus Christ, NOT the gifts or talents of men. Don't like it too loud? No worries, simply ask one of our ushers for a pair of ear plugs. 

After praise and worship Pastor Dean always spends several minutes talking about money and how we can walk in the abundant life Jesus paid for us to have. This time is very important because if we don't hear the truth, we cannot have what Jesus paid for us to have. We know that according to 2 Corinthians 8:9 that Jesus was made poor ( relative to where He came from ) so that we could be rich, and we believe God wants your life on earth to be abundant. 

Last but not least, Pastor Dean brings it bold, brings it honestly and brings it right where you live. He makes the Word of God real and simple to understand, bringing the truth in a way that steps on your toes but has you laughing while he does. He loves God and has been devoted to Him and this community now for over 28 years.

What about communion?

Communion is the first Wednesday as a church.

TEND TO GET COLD DURING SERVICE? No problem, just alert one of our ushers or pick up a blanket when you walk through the doors of our sanctuary. Then, return the blanket to the usher in your section on your way out.